Broadway Circuit – Cinema Palace at Shanghai L + Mall

From film strip to digital image, cinema audiences have always expected pure magic on the silver screen. At the Broadway Circuit – Cinema Palace at Shanghai L + Mall, a rectangular motif is used throughout the lobby to remind moviegoers of the origins of filmmaking, where images were captured in a still frame, and then the frames on a film strip were played at high speed to create the illusion of moving pictures. Walls of large brass-toned iron grids hanging down from the ceiling intersect, suggesting the techniques of cut and montage in filmmaking, and squares and spotlights usually found in storyboards and film production sets are on the walls and custom-made concessionary counters. As light shines through the iron grids, shadows are projected onto the squares, another tribute to early cinematic art. 

One Plus Partnership

Virginia Lung and Ajax Law’s One Plus Partnership has designed interiors for cinemas, restaurants, shops, clubhouses and offices since 2004. Each project is distinctive, yet clearly their own original and outstanding exploration of a theme.