Cupping Room

What could be more fitting at the Ocean Terminal than a cruise ship-inspired design? Cupping Room Harbour City makes the most of its proximity to the passenger port and the harbour view without falling into clichés. The furniture, portholes and counters throughout the café could all be in a seagoing vessel, and the second row of the unconventional stadium seating is raised to give customers a better view, so that it all suggests the upper deck of a ship with a splendid seascape through the large windows. Abundant natural light blurs the line between indoors and outdoors, and the warm colour palette, beechwood, and fabric cushions create a cosy, convivial ambiance.

Unite Unit

Unite Unit is known for its distinctive, nonconformist style and client-centric approach. It specialises in curating timeless, charming interiors for F&B outlets, from cafés to restaurants. Keikko Lee and Rosetta Lau’s interior design practice and expert team from Taiwan, Korea, Italy and Portugal prefer to promote homegrown creativity.