Enfilade of Time

An enfilade is a suite of rooms whose doors or openings are aligned along an axis. Inspired by this classical European architectural concept, the Enfilade of Time is a university student’s senior thesis project that examines building renovation, material history, and the passing of time. In Hong Kong, buildings and spaces are renovated, often multiple times, before the end of their useful lives. With each renovation, the original building materials and decorations are stripped away, along with its history. Here, the rooms in the enfilade become a high-end retail installation as more resilient materials are juxtaposed with more immediate merchandise exchange. Human activity and use, and building artefacts and their impact on the future are all called into question.

Willy Lam

Willy graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Interior Design. His capstone project, Enfilade of Time, was nominated as Tutor’s Choice in their Annual Show. Willy’s all-round skills range from research, drawing, model-making and execution to social consciousness.