Fish, Cat, Fairyland

While bounce houses are a favourite with children, mass production makes them predictable and formulaic. Advocating the concept of architecture as toy, and toy as architecture, Groundworks designed and custom made a number of giant inflatable toys of different shapes, sizes, and colour combinations, both pleasing children and stimulating them physically and mentally. Fish, Cat, Fairyland lets children enjoy the soft space however they like, sliding down on an uneven surface, and jumping and bouncing up and down in an extraordinary mix of light, colour, form, and texture.

Groundwork Architects + Associates

Groundwork was founded by Manfred Yuen in London in 2007 for experimental architectural, urban and landscape design, in Hong Kong in 2011, and in Shenzhen in 2019. The firm has a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from architectural design to schools and commercial and social projects.