Green Common pop-up store at Taikoo Place ArtisTree

Two tunnels composed of a series of simple wooden lintels supported by two pillars on two sides transform a glass-covered walkway connecting two towers into a retail space for a plant-based eatery and grocery store. The tunnel’s slightly undulating crown dramatises a transitional space, which makes the passageway special. Natural light shining through the gap between two frames immerses it in warm daylight, connecting the plant-based diet that Green Common promotes with the source of natural energy. A good place to go for delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

​​Littleurbanmountain Design

Littleurbanmountain Design is a collaborative platform focusing on sustainable design and social architecture, interior design and art in Hong Kong. Founded in 2017, it has designed boutique hotels and houses, assembling people from various disciplines to undertake interesting, experimental, visionary commissions.