Hong Kong’s waste reduction campaign was started by opening manned recycling centres throughout the territory, and getting rid of the often chaotic, temporary, improvised recycling setups. There are now bright, clean, organised spaces where the different recycling bins and categories are clearly indicated, and also drinking water taps to refill water bottles, and hand wash basins. Some places have a room for sustainability education workshops, and a consistent and comprehensive branding effort promotes the recycling centres in each neighbourhood. Branding consultant CoDesign designed a G as in green logo with the number six, which sounds the same as green in Cantonese, to help community members of all ages understand that recycling is as easy as 1-2-3.       

One Bite Design Studio

One Bite is an architecture-based, multidisciplinary design company that makes a positive impact through design. One Bite’s architects, designers, and community outreach and event managers bridge the gaps between space, place and society by constantly exploring stakeholders’ synergies, focusing on placemaking and co-creation. Inventive solutions are reached with quick wins, active engagement and workshop facilitation.