Merry Apart Christmas Together, PMQ

Whether we like it or not, social distancing is the sign of our times. Inspired by the chessboard, the courtyard of PMQ was covered by a colourful Chinese checkerboard pattern with conical, minimalist Christmas trees. The two-dimensional chessboard and three-dimensional cones worked together as an installation to change the way we see the open space, and while the decorative motif shows the new normal, the game-inspired decoration is festive and relates to people at a human level.  

Littleurbanmountain Design

Littleurbanmountain Design is a collaborative platform focusing on architecture interior design and art in Hong Kong. Founded in 2017 to start a few self initiative projects related to sustainable design and social architecture, littleurbanmountain has begun to create works covering boutique hotels, houses, and interior design, whilst trying to gather people from many disciplines to allow interesting, experimental and visionary works to happen at different scales.