Located in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore’s amenities complex, Yun Nans is the Southwest China-themed restaurant chain’s first overseas location. A new brand concept called the Motherland underscores the colourful landscape and biodiversity of Yunnan, and triangular, round-edged windows give a view onto the atrium and Jewel’s dramatic waterfall from the oculus, and lush indoor greenery. A planter in the centre, complemented by the circular lighting installation hanging from the ceiling, symbolises the origin of life, and the region’s red earth is represented by the colour palette. Hand-dyed fabric wall decorations pay tribute to Yunnan’s famous handicrafts.

Room Five Concept

Founded by creative director Sam Ng in 2015, Room Five Concept is a fast-growing boutique studio that specialises in branding and spatial design consultancy services for food and beverage projects. In response to market trends and needs, the team redefines dining and space sharing in Hong Kong and around the world.