Plastic Recurrence – converting plastic waste into public benches 

Plastic Recurrence differs from other upcycling projects in that the end product benefits the community where the waste plastic is collected, raising public awareness of why recycling should be an indispensable part of our lives. Old HDPE plastic bottles and containers are turned into plastic pallets, moulded into modular trapezoid shapes, and combined to form long, curvilinear benches. As each piece rotates at a slightly different angle, the bench looks like the ripples on Shatin’s Shing Mun River, which inspired it. Sha Tin Town Hall has installed these comfortable, maintenance-free benches for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.  

HIR Studio

Award-winning design firm HIR’s multitalented team of architects have a passion for creating unique and inspiring spatial designs and architecture. Their visionary designs are innovative, artistic and sensual, and their extensive portfolio ranges from architecture and interior and public space design to public furniture, art installations and exhibitions.