Rest & Nest / Seek & Peek

It usually only takes an empty cardboard box to keep a cat happy and stimulated, but cat guardians, already sharing their living space with feline companions, also want to share their furniture. However, most furniture is designed either for humans or cats, but never for both. Designer Edward Wong takes universal design to the next level by designing two pieces of furniture that both humans and cats can thoroughly enjoy. A table with a flat top for human use has holes for cats to go down to the hammock hidden beneath it, and each table leg has grooves, so it can also be used as a scratching post. The coffee table is composed of two pieces, which can be stacked together to save space or used separately for a greater tabletop area. Cats can perch in the nooks and crannies created by its elegant rounded underside.  

But Yet Cat Furniture

Designer Edmond Wong has been creating multifunctional designs for diverse lifestyles since his fitness-minded, award-winning “Fit-niture” collection which debuted in Salone Satellite, Milan in 2016. The Edmond Wong studio launched his Yet brand afterwards, to include pets and children.