Ripple Library

To affirm the library as a centre of discovery and learning, designer Vincent Li surprised the students with semicircular bookshelves, display cubes and seating, allowing them to browse freely through the 40,000-title collection. The flexible, modern and unconventional setting is bright and inviting, thanks to large windows on two sides and strategically placed recessed lighting. The welcoming colour palette is dominated by cream, natural birch, and shades of blue and green, and a centerpiece of birch rings, inspired by capillary waves, hangs from the ceiling forming concentric circles that symbolise ripples. Knowledge spreads from its centre like a wave, and the library is where students read, learn, work, and meet one another.

Design Action & Associates

Vincent Li’s Design Action & Associates is an award-winning practice known for user-oriented design, maximising the use of space and creating a harmonious ambiance through lighting.