The 3-D printed STEM LAB

School architecture really can make a difference in a child’s life. While educators and parents encourage students to explore and discover, architects and designers too have a role to play, because they build and design the space where they spend most of their day. The team at Edmond Wong Studio made the most of this classroom’s high ceiling, and installed a colourful, and slightly arched beam ceiling with embedded strip and spot lighting. The side walls become two arches, whose geometric spaces are intended to interest pupils in the fundamental concepts of physics and mathematics. As all four sides are defined by arches, negative space around the beam ceiling gives the illusion of a spherical dome. The beams turn into a drop ceiling made of long strips of panels in the same colours, and extend to the hallway and then outdoors, representing a STEM pathway leading the children to the natural outside world. 

The Third Teacher Limited

The Third Teacher is a dedicated education design consultancy for primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, working with professional design and technology teams to transform the environment into an inspiring and expressive campus.