Gary Chang

Managing Director of EDGE Design Institute Ltd.

Born and raised in colonial Hong Kong, Gary’s passion for Architecture began at a very young age while living in a tight subdivided unit of only 32 sqm with his parents and three sisters. This crowded childhood home which he has then resided for over 50 years inspired him to pursue broader architectural discipline. After years of experimenting and improving, Gary presented the most updated version of his 32 sqm Apartment – “Domestic Transformer” in 2007. The limited physical space could be transformed into 24 different modes without compromising exquisite living standards. This controversial project granted him a significant position in the Architectural scene and put him in the vanguard of the growing global phenomenon of compact living.
Gary graduated from The University of Hong Kong in 1987 and founded his company EDGE in 1994. His projects span across large scale urban, residential, commercial, cultural and private fields with the focus on dynamic spatial flexibility and redefinition of traditional boundaries. He gained a reputation for his commitment to innovative exploration of modernism with tradition, nature with metropolitan and art with adaptability. Some of his award-winning multi-disciplinary designs include Suitcase House at Commune by the Great Wall in Beijing, Hotel V Wan Chai and ACTS Rednaxela Serviced Apartments. The company was renamed EDGE Design Institute Ltd. in 2003.
Besides practicing, Gary’s dedication to art and architecture extends into academia, lectures and publications. His books “My 32sqm Apartment” and “Suitcase House” received great response and were sold out shortly. He is also a sophisticated travel fanatic who enjoys sharing his unique opinion on hotels and exchanging the different architectural language around the world. His expertise and experience has been accumulated and in form of a publication as a hotel columnist and expert. Along with his diverse portfolio, Gary has attracted many collaboration opportunities with leading international brands and hotels. He has designed products for Alessi, including the Kung Fu Tea Set, Treasure Box for Urban Nomads, and curated its first-ever project in China, the “(Un)forbidden City”.

Signature Projects

Domestic Transformer

Kung Fu Tea set

MoMA Design Store

Private Music Studio

Suitcase House