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Tiny houses for Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s crowded living conditions have made headlines around the world. A perfect storm of factors led to much dreaded cage homes and unsafe subdivided flats. A solution was proposed to take advantage of unused or small plots of land, even when they are unsuitable for large, permanent housing. OPod is an experimental, affordable, eco-friendly and portable round structure made out of readily available reinforced concrete pipes. It has a diameter of 2.5 metres and is fully fitted out with a living space, a refrigerator, a sink, a microwave and a bathroom. Each micro apartment has a floor area of about 160 square feet. When stacked together, a small housing community can be created relatively quickly. James Law, architect, technologist, innovator and entrepreneur, reimagines large concrete water or drainage pipes as tiny houses for people who prefer a simpler way of life.

James Law

James Law JP, is an architect, technologist and entrepreneur, renowned for creating the philosophy of Cybertecture in which a better world is designed with technology to alleviate suffering for mankind. His company's projects range from buildings, spaces and technologies to education and social design.

James Law