The Dairy, Hong Kong Fringe Club

2 Lower Albert Rd, Central


Where music and history are intertwined

Benny Chia, who founded the Fringe Club and is currently its director, says the Dairy is his favourite place in Hong Kong. The organisers of the first Fringe Festival transformed the former dairy and the rest of the cold storage warehouse into a performing arts venue in 1983, and today the Dairy is the only jazz and cabaret space in Hong Kong. Chia remembers going there with his mother for delicious ice cream served over the counter before a movie. As the tall windows with their dark wood shutters, white tiled walls and classic tiled floors have been well preserved, the period elements bring back childhood memories, but The Dairy is also a beloved hangout for many Hong Kong jazz musicians. Thanks to jazz vocalist Elaine Liu, who took black and white photographs of Hong Kong musicians, the collection on display honours the local jazz scene. During the day, the Dairy is a comfortable lounge, but at night it is an intimate music venue with the special charm and mystique of the past. 

Benny Chia 

Benny Chia founded the Fringe Club in the 20th century and is still around, asking questions that may not have any answers. He never ceases to be inquisitive and amazed by the possibilities in creating art and turning ideas into reality.

Benny Chia