The Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse Restaurant

25 Shan Kwong Rd, Happy Valley


A Moveable Feast

Interior designer Kinney Chan’s work encompasses hospitality, residential, and commercial projects, each with its own challenges and rewards. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse Restaurant is his favourite because of its size and complexity. The 4,000-square-metre restaurant elevates the popular food court concept to its most elegant form, and consists of discrete areas, each catering to a cuisine to give members plenty of choice. Although each area has to work within a particular setting, style and set of specifications, Chan ties them together in a fluid and dynamic configuration that allows the diner traffic to flow effortlessly, and turns the gourmet experience into a stunning visual feast.

Kinney Chan

The former Chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association and Director of the Hong Kong Design Centre, Chan strives to increase public awareness of interior design and promote the industry in Hong Kong. His BA in Interior Design is from De Monfort University, Leicester, UK, and then he worked in Manchester prior to returning to Hong Kong and founding his own studio, Kinney Chan and Associates (KCA). His international vision and cultural anecdotes bring each project to life with colourful personalities, unusual spaces, unexpected encounters and ongoing exploration.

Kinney Chan