The Upper House

88 Queensway, Admiralty


Minimalism and great comfort

In the hospitality industry, many hotels strive to offer a home away from home. If you ask Joey Ho, design partner of PAL Design Group and Fellow of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association, to name a hotel in Hong Kong where guests are as happy and relaxed as in their own homes, his answer will be the Upper House. Working within the complex confines of a multipurpose high-rise tower, renowned spatial designer André Fu used the building’s geometry to create interior focal points that dovetail with the geometric shapes found externally in the cityscape. The minimalist aesthetic, natural materials and monochrome colour palette are complemented by curated furniture and works of art reflecting a well-appointed and peaceful private residence. Ho describes the Upper House’s design as ‘simplicity executed with quiet taste,’ in which the designer’s sensibility and style are embedded in every detail.

Joey Ho 

Joey Ho is a partner of PAL Design Group, and  believes the core essence of design is to inspire and open up possibilities. He is actively involved in design projects worldwide and has established a rich archive of corporate, residential, education and hospitality specialties and sectors, which has brought him over 180 awards and honours such as the Golden Design Award of Interior & Architecture Outstanding Designer of the Year. He has been in US Interior Design Magazine’s (Chinese version) Hall of Fame, CIDA’s Top 10 Influential People of China Interior Design, and VIPs of Asian Creation by Japanese design magazine Studio Voice.  

Joey Ho