Kids Winshare

This unconventional children’s bookstore is a one-stop-shop for kid-friendly retail, learning, dining and amusement inspired by the magical wonderlands often depicted in children's books. Massive geometric forms decorate the ceilings, different textures and materials stimulate the senses, and the LED-illuminated suspension in the open theatre creates the illusion of a starry night. Natural light in classrooms and coloured lighting in the amusement area combine function with fantasy,and the LED rainbow tunnel shining on the hyperbolic arches and mirror-polished steel floor forms a dreamy corridor leading to the exit. 

PANORAMA Design Group

PANORAMA was founded in 2003 by Horace Pan and is headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Mainland China and Malaysia. The high-calibre professional team is as technical as it is creative, and the company specialises in property development and large-scale hospitality and entertainment architectural projects.