Patrick Leung Furniture Dongguan

Furniture gives visual pleasure and physical comfort. It is a work of art embodying the designer's pursuit of beauty, and a magical element transforming the surrounding space. Leung's showroom is like a museum where the architectural space complements the exhibits. The interior has no unnecessary extravagance or superfluous decoration, and the white walls leave place to breathe between each piece of furniture, acting as a blank canvas on which the furniture can shine. The arches refer to ancient Chinese cosmology, and the design invites visitors to reflect on their own relationship with their homes and furniture.

PAL Design Group

One of the biggest interior design consultancies in Greater China, PAL Design Group was established in 1994 and offers complete professional services for all categories of large-scale interior projects, emphasising subtle, restful and timeless style.  Patrick Leung and Joey Ho and their award-winning, multitalented team of 80 work from four branch offices in Hong Kong and Mainland China.