Envisioned as a serene floating garden, Vista is a wonderfully unexpected, original café, conceived as a Fuzhou landmark. Its surrealist décor creates a dreamlike atmosphere neither commercial nor public, real nor illusory, evoking Fuzhou's past and imagining its future. The white, curved, metal lattice partitions add to its spaciousness, and the terrazzo floor, luxuriant shrubs and linear lighting sculpt beautiful forms and meandering pathways through this haven from the city's hustle and bustle.

Karv One Design

Kyle Chan founded multinational design studio Karv One, which now has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China, and has designed more than 50,000 square feet used by over 40 million people a year. The studio excels at large-scale composite spaces that embody brand values and local identities. Clients include household names in real estate, the arts and retail.