CM Jao & Ken Cheung

Oft Interiors Ltd is co-founded by CM Jao and Ken Cheung in 2013. Both co-founders were graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. In 2013, CM and Ken started their new page and established Oft Interiors Ltd, by sharing the same goals on design.

Oft crew devotes its full efforts and passions to developing innovative designs on work. Oft expects their works can recall the real implication of the space and the original sensation, as well as bring a new zest to the HK design industry. Oft has built a reputation in brand positioning and interior design for different cinemas and theatres. More than 40 cinema projects in Hong Kong and China have been completed during these five years. CM and Ken value the user experience and participation, and firmly believe a satisfying work can give users a sense of arrival and connect the people with the area.