Alexander Suen

Born and raised in catholic family and church, Alexander has and cultivated positive thinking. Through unique way of design, create most suitable living/working environment for people. He studied interior architecture in Swinburne, Melbourne and UNSW, New South Wales in Australia. His experience in living and working for years in Australia and cooperating with designers and architects with different backgrounds develops him into a designer carrying out principles of specializing in nature, understanding of history, making innovation, looking for sustainable development and making minimal environment impact.

Alexander believes that design should not only bring out aesthetics and functionality, but also take into account user's background, life and work style. For space planning, he adopts harmonious layout to enhance fluidity with the use of natural and sustainable materials. By integrating natural light and appropriate lighting, he pays attention to visual and color ratios to connect people to the environment or vice versa. He believes that work, private time, family life, enjoyment of the natural environment, etc. are equally important to everyone.