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A relationship can be characterized by a variety of cracks, from union to separation, between close and distant, and these cracks bring different special features to each relationship. I enjoy working within the cracks, exploring the cause-and-effect relationship of the cracked and undamaged components, searching for new ways of using these structures, and designing structures that support my exploration. My work attempts to capture the complexity of relationships, which may be filled with happiness or sadness, through the architecture of the cracks. However, a true relationship is also marked by bitterness and pain; learning to coexist with rifts is a requirement for a complete, unique and loving relationship.


ADO has been a reputable brand with superior interior design quality for 20 years. There are three sub-brands under the group, namely ADO Creative, ADO Casa, and ADO Furniture. The group aims at promoting loving culture, building up positive relationship and creating splendid experience by combining design and technology. ADO’s projects, from cultural to commercial and even in the field of home renovation and furniture have been well-recognized by the public.

ADO takes loving culture as the core element of the brand vision, and its works are integrated with the concept of caring and love. ADO's projects included the design and build works for hotels, clubs, shops, restaurants, villas, residences, and cultural and art curatorial projects.

ADO has won a large number of awards over the years, including CIDF China Interior Design Leader Award, FRAME Awards 2019, New York Interior Design's Best of Year Award, Japan JCD Design Award, DFA Design for Asia Award, GDA Global Design Gold Award, HKSME Award, etc.

ADO has a creative team and comprehensive production line, and adheres to the concept of "Think and Follow through in action". Its own construction and management team commit to implement creativity from concept to construction, from graphic design, brand planning, interior design to IT technology, as well as interactive media and exhibition planning for providing one-stop design services.