Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC)


Department of Design has been providing quality design programmes for the community since 1971 which offers a substantial portfolio of courses that has been proven to be well accepted and recognised by its stakeholders. We believe that education plays a pivotal role in the society as it influences the supply and quality of innovation, and that innovation should be non-exclusive and design should be an indispensable and integrated process for any task in any industry and society. We believe that our programmes should offers a balanced development in the domains of professional knowledge, language proficiency, and general social skills which can bring students to an all-round, balanced, coherent learning life, prospective careers and future education potentials.

The Department of Design distinguishes itself by cherishing the close teacher-student relationship in the studio-based learning environment. We emphasis on offering students a broad range of learning experiences with an interdisciplinary approach stressing on innovation that exemplifies the understanding of aesthetics, technology, business, and human values. A vital integrative environment is created within the Department where students and academic staff across the design disciplines can share and exchange diverse ideas and design experiences. We aspire to cultivate our students and to distinguish them from graduates of other institutes with the following qualities:

Multidisciplinary Knowledge
Industry-readiness / Professionalism
Cultural and Global Awareness
Social Responsibility