Kinney Chan & Associates

Kinney Chan

Born and Raised!
The sourcing of unique abandoned local materials for recycling from daily life.
The exhibits are made from raw wood born and raised in Hong Kong. Through the design of this exhibit to provide a second life to those abandoned raw materials.
Enhance general public’s attention and awareness of Hong Kong’s natural and unique wood path as well as environmental and ecology knowledge.


Founded in 1996, Kinney Chan & Associates (KCA) offers a full spectrum of interior design and project management services across multiple industries including, hospitality, bar, restaurant, residential, commercial and corporate.

“Kinney obtained his BA in Interior Design from Demonfort University, UK. Prior to returning to Hong Kong and founding KCA, he spent two years working in Manchester.

Kinney is the former chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association and the former director of the Hong Kong Design Centre. He strives to increase public awareness of interior design as well as the development of the creative industry in
Hong Kong.