Sam Ng

expanded polyethylene foam, cotton string, nylon ties

The sculptural furniture is made of foam bars, ropes and cable ties. These mundane objects are being transformed and rearranged into an experiment of new purpose. Inspired by the elasticity and adaptability of Hong Kong and the interior design industry, yet being vivid and vogue, the installation is a representation of interactions between raw materials of different characteristics as a knitted unity. With the use of bold colors and imperfection in details, the knotted bars implies the courage to innovate and be unalike.


Sam was born, raised and educated in Hong Kong. Graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from the HK Polytechnic University, he has been working at a number of international design firms with design exposure in different scales and fields before he set up the studio. With the origin of his passion from this distinctive city, Sam started Room Five Concept in 2015 with its foundation in Hong Kong, and expanded the spectrum into an international perspective.

He leads the studio in a dynamic approach. His works cover a range of different experiences of commercial spaces nevertheless focuses on the F&B sector. With his specialties and experiences in F&B spatial design, his vision is to redefine dining experiences and create unique social sharing spaces.

With persistent passion from concept statement to design execution, each project is carefully curated while Sam has gained strong reputation from repeated international clients. His current works cover interior design projects over Hong
Kong, Mainland China and the Asia Pacific.