In Situ & Partners Limited

Yacine Bensalem

Hong Kong's urban environment is complex and highly contrasted with a strong presence of neo-vernacular architecture. Typically, spaces are built and evolve by accumulation according to the needs of the various occupants and users: worn down buildings with a cluster of signboards, dripping AC condensers and exposes pipe-works translate into an environment in which we can read different layers, historical, urban, functional and sometimes nature makes its way back and grabs back its legitimate share of the city.

Inverse invites you to explore the beautiful internal spaces that can be found in some of Hong Kong’s unassuming buildings. Through the power of interior design, we are able to transform these spaces, into something beautiful and unexpected. As you step inside, you are transported into the product of our imaginations, ready for you to discover and experience.

The imperfect texture of the concrete block is juxtaposed by the polished brass metal, representing the potential of each interior space we are given. This contrast is the beauty that we appreciate in Hong Kong that you don’t often find in other cities, that gives it its own character and identity.


Founded in 2011, IN SITU & PARTNERS is an interior design & architecture firm based in Hong Kong specializing in “Luxury” interiors. We’ve delivered a large number of high-end hospitality, workspace, commercial and residential interiors.

We are a multi-cultural team of passionate individuals dedicated to delivering a unique project. This is always achieved through a tailored approach reflecting client’s needs and aspirations.

We work hand in hand with a network of trusted professionals and craftsmen from all origins in order to accommodate the most various and complex projects. Our interiors are focused on flexibility and functionality without compromising on style and design.

Our design approach is to create contemporary designs with asserted architectural features and subtle touches of sophistication and refinement: a vision of elegance expressed with sensibility and care in every detail. We value know-how and traditional craftsmanship to achieve the perfect balance between timeless environments and innovative concepts.

With projects in Hong Kong, China, North America, Australia, and South-East Asia, The Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, the company operates with no boundaries.
From retail and hospitality to workspaces and residential spaces, we are dedicated to serving each client with the same sincerity and integrity.