Oft Interiors

CM Jao & Ken Cheung


The iris is a ring-shaped area covered by a transparent corneal layer that develops randomly before birth, making all irises unique.

The concept of "iris" in this art installation symbolizes the unique perspective of Hong Kong's design standing at the intersection of history and modernity, the world and the local.

When we approach the half-opened box, the view from the outside to the inside is like a light breaking out of its shell, responding to the complex radial texture of the iris and being a metaphor to the dazzling light of the power of Hong Kong's design .

The semi-open partitions composed of different colors represent the subtle differences between Hong Kong's design forces, and when this light comes into play, it refracts more intense colors, signifying the activity and cohesion of Hong Kong's design.


Since its establishment in 2013, Oft Interiors,as a Hong Kong-based design firm with a diversified and innovative mindset, has been focusing on space design for entertainment, culture, food and beverage, retail and other commercial consumption areas, providing professional and effective integrated solutions for different brand needs.

Oft Interiors has a forward-looking insight into commercial consumption space, being able to create a strong brand potential for the party through the multi-dimensional integration of business trends, consumer psychology and branding integration, operating the relationship between brand, space and consumers sustainably.

Today, Oft Interiors' projects have spread across first-tier and second-tier cities in China and Asia, with clients including K11, China Resources Land, the Emperor Group, Intercontinental Group Holdings, Broadway, Paragon and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad.