PANORAMA Design Group

Horace Pan


Our concept is "Design for Beautiful Life". Inspired by our everyday lifestyle and the understated city context which surround us.
Panorama Design Philosophy of “vision broadening & boundary breaking” is implemented throughout the whole design. Purposely use of mirrors and reflection to create visual extension- a metaphor of widening one's perceptions as well as burring boundaries.
The imprinted layers of vertical lines representing high-rise buildings in a bustling city, combining with our carefully selected images to form a vast panoramic landscape which shows the inseparable relationship between urban contexts and special design.

Our concept comes from Hong Kong's local culture, lifestyle and its unique spatial characteristics. In order to meet the rapid-changing lifestyles and promoting a better quality of life, the Pan-Inner design team adopts cross-border strategies and techniques to generate new propositions and unique experiences for different types of “multi-purpose/composite spaces” to ensure each of our design is assured of a dynamic, vibrant and unique character in its own class.


Established in 2003, PANORAMA Design Group has been famous for creating unique story-telling spatial experiences of large-scale composite interior spaces. With headquarter in Hong Kong and local offices in China, the company’s project categories cover Hotel, Property Development, F&B, Retail, Kids, Health & Wellness and received over 150 international design awards including 2016 IDA Design Award “Interior Design of the Year”, 2021 Red Dot Award “Best of the Best”, 2022 HKDA Global Design Awards “Hong Kong Best” & 2022 Architizer A+Awards “Best Interior Design Firm”. Projects have been featured in numerous international design magazines & journals. Inspired by the unique spatial characters of Hong Kong, PANORAMA’s design team adopts boundary-crossing strategy to produce new propositions and unique experience for different typologies of “multi-purpose/composite spaces” to respond to Asia’s rapid-changing lifestyles. These propositions have well considered user research, location-based importance, market trends, budget requirements and operations for every size and type. Each environment is assured of a dynamic, vibrant and unique character in its own right.