PplusP Designers Ltd


The booth is divided into 2 sections; each section represents the situation of our company in Year 2009 & 2019. PplusP Designers established in 2009, our Director and his team immensely travelling around the world and to mainland China to look for different inspirations as well as opportunities. Whereas from 2019 onwards the company and its team are being locked down in the city but on the other hand able to explore further in depth what their core value is.
[P] : 2009 | 2019 is an art installation for people to think deeply what are the differences prior COVID-19; the life with COVID-19; and direction to move post-COVID-19. Simultaneously it serves as a commercial portfolio demonstration of the amazing works of PplusP.


PplusP Designers Ltd. (P+P) is a well-established multidisciplinary design firm based in Hong Kong. Our practice visualises, designs, and brings to life our clients’ spaces and brands that are high in quality with innovative solutions. The team of P+P is comprised of architects, interior designers and graphic artists whom all share a common PASSION for design, and a love of learning.

P+P transcends beyond the scope of a design studio, creating multidisciplinary designs across industries in Art Installations, Boutique Hotels, Corporate Design, Exhibitions, Luxury Living Spaces and Retail Shops. The studio encompasses a wide collection of expertise from diverse divisions of the design discipline, aiming to redefine the limits to conceptual ideas and possibilities.

Our practice is run in a personalised fashion, following our Responsive, Responsible and Flexible approach to the changing needs of each client. At P+P we pride ourselves in delivering bespoke spaces and experiences in the image of our clients plus the ideas assembled within the studio.

P+P represents the pursuit of interrelated Passions; the roots of curiosity out of which grows the multidisciplined, inquisitive mind. It is this mentality that transforms our work, inspired by boundless ideas and possibilities. Our office aims to create an atmosphere where such passion can grow through interactions between staff and clients. We challenge and approach design from the perspectives of diverse disciplines and from the expertise of our clients.

We constantly set higher aims to improve our performance in minimizing pollution through efficient utilization of resources. We truly believe in advocation of environmental awareness as one of the key roots of our passion.

P+P consistently seeks to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in different industries, and we like to collaborate with other professionals to spark our passion in technical knowledge. One such passion is the experimentation with parametric designs and digital fabrication.